Terms & Services

Terms and Services

What our services entail:

We have created relationships with regional Wholesale Florist to enable non-florists to buy “wholesale” from these selected Wholesale Florists. Any purchases made from these Wholesale Florists become transactions directly between you and the Wholesale Florist, so any payment, credit or problem that arises from that transaction needs to be communicated directly and solely with the Wholesale Florist in question. It is possible that during the course of your 12-month membership, a certain regional Wholesale Florists changes or is being eliminated from the Flowerclub365 program. Any changes regarding coverage in a particular regional area are considered beyond our control and signing up with our membership confirms your acknowledgment that in the event this occurs, no part of the annual membership fee will be returned by Flowerclub365. Upon signing up with Flowerclub365 you will gain access to a certain members-only area on our website. In this online area, we will continue to update all of our members regarding participating Wholesale Florists, along with their operating hours and other pertinent information. Additionally, our members-only area contains selected and well organized “how-to” videos on learning floral design. Please DON’T rely on your participating Wholesale Florists for design advice. Instead, please consult with our “How To Video” area along with other sources. Wholesale Florists offer the raw product only. Membership will automatically renew for another year at the renewal date, unless previously canceled.

Any additional information may be requested by filling out our online “Contact Us” form.