How Does It All Work?

Typically consumers and brides buy from a flower shop, however, an increasing number of people are finding the DIY method to be more appealing. Whatever your reasons are; whether it is to save money, get fresher flowers, be more creative, have more fun, or all of the above, we are here to help you accomplish that.

You could find some generic website that claims how you can order something, and they will send the flowers to you via some common courier. But do you really want your flowers to potentially drive around in a non-refrigerated truck for a few days? Or order your flowers from some big-box store, where they might have great pricing, but they are not used to dealing with custom orders. Your wedding flowers are not a commodity item! Through our membership, you are able to deal directly with a wholesaler, pick out exactly what you want, enjoy great pricing, and support a local business.

Through the Flowerclub365 membership, you can connect with local wholesalers. If you would like to know if we have a wholesaler in your metropolitan area that accepts the FlowerClub365 membership card, please send us a message through the “Contact Us” form.


You can pick fresh flowers for the weekend, order your wedding flowers, get flowers for a dinner party, impress your girlfriend, or just have some fun while designing your own flower arrangement. Don’t be intimidated. Our membership even gives you access to a library of “How-To” videos from a variety of floral designers who will guide you on how to design your own flowers. From a simple dozen roses to a boutonniere or from a Thanksgiving table arrangement to a bridal bouquet; we’ve got you covered.

What are you waiting for? For only $29.95 you can become a member of the Flowerclub365 for an entire year. So even if you buy flowers just twice a year, you already saved money! And believe us: once you discover the beauty of fresh flowers in your home, the enjoyment you will get will be second to none! Click here to sign up!

Many different flower types

available now!
    Garden Roses

    Roses from Ecuador are vibrant

    Garden Roses

    Every wholesaler has a full line of Greenery available to meet all your needs!


    Hydrangeas are beautiful, impressive, and come in many different sizes and colors.

Fresh Flowers!
Get excited about fresh flowers!

Our advantages

Ideas and concepts

Buying wholesale brings you at the cutting edge of floral innovation


Wholesalers will be able to fill custom flower orders for special occasions

Highly customizable

Most wholesalers import weekly from countries all over the world.

Easy to use

Become a member. Show your digital membership card. Enjoy flowers.