The signup for Flowerclub365 consists of 2 steps.

  1. Sign up at
  2. Complete the PayPal payment process

In case you set up your Flowerclub365 account (step 1) and you did not finalize the payment (step 2), then your Login area will look like this – no Membership Card visible:

In that case, after you have successfully Logged in, please scroll down and click on the Subscriptions tab:

After you click on the Subscriptions tab, you will see this:

Please click on the FINISH PAYMENT button, which will direct you to the secure PayPal website. From there, just make your choice based on whether you already have a PayPal account or not:

After you finalized the payment and you go back to your Flowerclub365 portal, now you will see your Digital Membership Card available in your portal and you are all set:

Thank you!